Keep your design business organized with DesignerLink.

Created by DesignerAdvantage, the design industry leader for bookkeeping and expediting services, DesignerLink is the perfect complement to Quickbooks, solving all your back-office needs.


Save 100s of hours a month

Our in-house software effectively lets your team focus on designing.

Expand your business

Expand and grow your business with more client-facing time for your team.

Increase profits

Easily track project profitability and ensure all client expenses are billed out.

Premier client presentation

With customizable Proposal Templates and a robust Client Portal, you can take pride in what you show your clients.

See all projects in your main dashboard.

Easily see all of your existing clients and projects in one place and get a birds-eye view of your active and favorite projects as well as any comments, approvals needed, and important financial information.

Quick access to active, completed, canceled projects

Real-time progress with product and time budgets

Overview of average project profitability

Breakdown of product vs. fee revenue


Easily manage each design project.

Manage each project with all the information you need, including sales rates, markups, item budgets, shipping information, time budgets, etc.

Advanced filters and searches to easily locate items

Enter pre-set client markup percentages, vendor discount percentages and client deposit request percentages

Save repeat items to your item library for future use

Track your time, team & budgets.

With DesignerLink, you can review projects, see all of your financial data (profits, billable time, costs, etc.), and much more. Take control of your markups, hours, and rates to ensure you’re optimizing your business.

Conveniently enter your hours through any device including iPad or Mobile Device

Use employee preset billing rates and standard time entry descriptions to save time on data entry

Easily run clean and customizable time reports that can be exported to Excel


Seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks Online.

No more double entry! Everything syncs directly with Quickbooks Online to save you precious time while still reaping the accounting benefits of Quickbooks.

One click integration of estimates, purchase orders and invoices from DesignerLink into Quickbooks

Import your existing vendor and client lists into DesignerLink

View real time client and vendor balances imported from Quickbooks

Enjoy clean client presentations and communication.

Your clients are everything. With DesignerLink, you will be able to easily communicate every detail to them to ensure a highly positive customer experience. 

Accept client credit card and ACH payments directly through the software

Run organized order status reports to keep your clients in the loop

Email Proposals and Invoices directly to clients for feedback and approval


Also Night Mode.

You design the feel and tempo of your own page

And much more . . .

Sync with Time Tracker

Sync time tracking with DesignerLink to ensure that all billable time is included in invoicing to your clients.


Chat with your DesignerLink team easily to keep projects on track and answer questions quickly.

Clipper Tool

Easily visit vendor websites, select items you want to add to your clients' project, and even add descriptions, pricing and shipping costs.

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